Nov 30

Facing Traumas Is First Step In Removing Panic From Your Life

ftfsrHave you ever faced some fear which overwhelmed you so much that you got a panic attack? If that has happened to you, then you know the symptoms. You have probably started to shake and sweat, while your heart was beating so much that you thought you will going to die. If that situation happens often, then you probably have panic disorder.

It seems simple, but the solution for your problem is in learning about how to deal with life. How to control panic attacks? First, you will need to sit down and think about your life. Are there special situations when …

Nov 23

Greenhouses Provide Serious Growth And Fun


For Minnesota homeowners Eugene and Jeanne Rondeau, who live four miles from Lake Superior, greenhouses have become an integral part of everyday life. “In the cold weather–and we have our share of that–it’s really wonderful to have a working greenhouse,” Jeanne says. “We built our first one in 1960, and we’ve had one off and on ever since as we’ve moved  around the country. Our children loved working in our greenhouses, too.” From their very first greenhouse endeavor, the  Rondeaus have concentrated on growing both vegetables and flowers in an effort to extend the growing season and bring to  maturity the plants …

Nov 13

Sun Valley Is Just The Best

It is one of those clear winter mornings for which Sun Valley, Idaho, is famous, and I find myself skiing a little-known run on Bald Mountain. Nestled among Baldy’s 2,054 acres of groomed trails, steep bowls, and huge moguls are powdery paths frequently overlooked by seasonal visitors. Some of these “hidden” trails beckon with the phrasing of a Mozart concerto–happy, playful, and intelligent. Others, like this one, are furious, quick, and barely survivable.

After 25 years of living in the Wood River Valley, I am well aware that I am neither the first nor the best skier ever to carve tracks on …

Nov 11

Tips For Choosing The Right Mouthpiece For Snoring

Have you ever wondered how you can get the right mouthpiece for snoring? Reading reviews can be your best bet because they provide you some useful information which you will need so you can make the right purchasing decision. There are lots of brands for you to choose from, and they can target the root cause of the problem. You will still need to make the right choice so you can finally say goodbye to snoring. One way for you to choose a suitable mouthpiece for snoring is to ask your doctor for some recommendations. Once you get some recommendations, it will …

Nov 08

Over The Counter Skin Tag Removal: Get Them Out of Mind

Looking in the mirror and having a skin tag waving hello from its little perch on your neck every single morning is pretty brutal. Skin tags enjoy growing on people who are overweight, in their winter years and they enjoy peeking out from the folds of skin we all have on our bodies. They pop out on necks, armpits, groin area and sometimes in the folds of eyelids. They also enjoy pestering newborn babies even though they don’t grow much larger than 3 mm in diameter. The fact of the matter is that they are annoying and sometimes embarrassing. A single person …

Nov 04

Belgian Brewers Continue To Impress The World

Stepping through the solid-oak door of De Twee Palen, the taproom for the Het Anker Brewery, in Mechelen, Belgium, is like slipping through a portal into the distant past: Dark coffered wainscoting, low vaulted ceilings, and empty wooden firkins dangling from the walls contribute to a medieval aura that is both creaky and comfortable. Taverns like this one crisscross the Low Countries and offer beers that, with a pinch of spice or a taste of cherry, a whiff of wine or the hint of sourness, appear to be the missing drink–er, link–in the long time line explaining the evolution of malty beverages. …

Oct 27

Winter Tips For Pets

A winter vision: My 11-year-old Norwegian elkhound, Martha, tumbles and leaps in the snow, tossing white mounds into the air with her nose, her arthritis seemingly lifted away-she’s a winter sprite of a puppy again.

Some animals are built for cold weather. Winter is their season, and it brings them a palpable, infectious joy. Falling temperatures, however, should alert caretakers: While we tend to think of summer’s heat as the weather most threatening to our pets’ health and well-being, winter presents its own set of hazards.

“Companion animals should always have access to a house,” says Michael Kaufmann, director of educational programs …

Oct 23

Matches Make For Keen Collections

mmkcUntil the invention of the sulfur-tipped friction match early in the 1800s, starting a fire in an open hearth was a chore. Homemakers and kitchen workers had to rely on tinderboxes containing flint and steel, which, when struck together, produced a spark. Matches not only saved time but also proved eminently safer than struggling with a tinderbox in a dark, unheated house. As the new devices became readily available, they created their own necessity: A protected, dry storage place that was both within easy reach of those who needed to use them and away from curious children and the occasional midnight mouse.…

Oct 20

10 Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015

10mtAs the business-to-business arena closes out a strong 2013, Business Marketing talked with various players to take stock of b-to-b marketing to find out what will emerge as the hottest trends next year. Here’s a look at the 10 strategies that top b-to-b marketers will focus on in 2014.

1. One-to-one marketing. Direct marketing has been a fast-growing area of business-to-business communications for years, but where it once was key to talk directly to customers, now it’s crucial to talk directly with them. One-to-one marketing is referred to interchangeably as feedback marketing and relationship marketing.

Its premise: Use databases to create very …